Alchemist and Artist

Rod acquires the materials used to create his paintings from sources all over the world.  The panels and canvas used for his paintings are hand-prepared by him using the best materials.  His paintings and grinding mediums are also specifically hand-crafted by Rod according to traditional alchemist formulas handed down by generations of master oil painters.

An oil painting starts with the panel or canvas–the subsurface of the painting.   For example, the panel contains over 14 layers of sarti chalk, whiting, and rabbit skin glue.  After each layer is applied, it is hand-sanded to a smooth finish.  This process bonds the layers together and forms  a surface that holds the paint for centuries. The layered technique  also gives a reflective quality to the painting. When canvas is used, the canvas is treated with lead-ground as a base. 

He hand-crafts his mediums by fusing natural resins as the old masters did.  Oils are aged in sunlight to bring them to maturity, a lengthy but mandatory process to obtain the highest standard of material.

Pigments are hand-ground and mixed with a binding medium to a desired consistency.  This studio alchemy has been handed down from master to atelier for generations.

Refer to the You Tube video below to watch a presentation by Rodney that discusses the materials used by the great masters.

Rod prepares his panels and paints, showing just the beginning of the process that he goes through when creating his artwork.

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