Frame Restoration & Preservation

The frame is the crucial element that completes and compliments the painting.  Throughout history, the frame has served as the boundary of the painting, visually enclosing the personal artistic translation for the artist.  The choice of frame is as important as the work invested to complete the painting.

In addition to creating his own gold leaf gilded frames for his paintings, Rod restores and is involved in preservation efforts to conserve fine 17th and 18th century frames.  The pictures on the right highlight a recent project to repair a historic frame that suffered loss of gilt due to age.  Rod replaced missing elements by recasting separate molds.  New guesso was applied, sanded, treated, and re-gilded.  The frame is one of several that he is working on for the St. Johnsbury Academy art collection.   He has completed projects for other private collections and St. Johnsbury Athenaeum.

Rod applies gold leaf to a frame.
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